British Government’s Ingenious Plan of Economic Growth


Truss+Kwarteng Master Plan

Cut the Tax to the Wealthy. The Wealthy in the World will cascade into Britain to Invest and start businesses  that will intensify the Business GROWTH in Britain thus the British workers will benefit  from the “Trickle Down”.

What exactly is the difference between my  telling my wife that I am going to use my entire salary this month to buy the Lottery Tickets  that will bring the money to make  us rich for the rest of lives. Please bear with me for just this month.

The Political IQ level of these two alone will drive away any possible investors in Britain.  Remember the Millions of  visitors came to see the Millennium Dome  to boost the Revenue to cover the cost of the construction cost with bumper profit!  The Millennium happened only in Britain; in no other countries!

Frank Spenser would have done a better job

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