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Roger Stone yesterday

Roger Stone yesterday, who is next?

Sara Huckerbee Sanders? ( she deserved to be locked up for all her arrogance and  deliberate lies)

Ivanka Trump? (or may be the pretentious Mona Lisa mistress of Trump)

Jared Kushner? (the transvestite  son-in law of convenience)

Trump Junior (The mosquito that lurks around every one’s ears surreptitiously)

Or the De facto son of Putin,  Stephen Miller?

Vlad Putin? (The True Senior Advisor)

They are all Senior Advisors to the ultra egoistic Moron Trump


The Godfather himself Donald J Trump

I verily believe that Mueller has already caught the Octupus in the net but not lifted out of the water yet  because it is too heavy therefore he has been collecting the Cephalopod limbs one by one, the latest one was Roger Stone!. To lift the torso, probably Mueller needs a heavy lifting crane. May be Mueller could borrow a suitable one from Trump’s construction company that has been busily lined up to undertake the building of the beautiful Mexican wall

-Lincoln Rasalingam


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