Injustice Everywhere

Injustice everywhere, bullying, coercion and threat of military use seem to be the order of the day at the so called civilised world. A country with about 5 million Jews is allowed to have nuclear weapons while some countries with more than 81 million like Iran and North Korea with over 25 million people are not allowed to have the privilege of having the same weapons for defence purpose. What is more sinister and hypercritic is the economic embargo to punish the people and sabotage the economy of these countryies. The authors of these rules are none other than the world’s notorious criminals namely Britain and its former Colonies. United Nations, NATO, UNESCO, World Bank and all Quangos are all under the dominant control of the International Criminals. You name a single country in trouble that has never been interfered with by these criminals. Keep Britain, USA and Australia out of all peace seeking endeavours to see real peace in the World.  As long as these criminals are involved there will be no peace ever anywhere.

Their main economy is based on arms sales. Unless frictions are created amongst the under developed countries the arms sales will not thrive. “Divide and conquer” has always been  their Moto, principle and policies. If there are no enemies, invent them and sell the idea of enemies to the gullible public. There was never an honest, sincere and disciplined Politician like Cuba’s Fidel Castro yet he was branded as a communist and the CIA made more than 600 attempts to murder him. Castro never deviated from his principle of being a servant of his people.  We can never find a single politician in the so called civilised Western World representing even 5% of the quality of Fidel Castro.

We are ruled by former Rapist, Tax dodger, Financial Fraudster and a pathological liar like Donald Trump and his allies and friends in Britain, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Philippines. The leaders of these countries seek out for Dictators and Leaders of Terrorists States to form alliance with the sole purpose to plunder the World Resources. They redefine democracy, bend the rules,and appoint their lackeys as Judges and Law enforcers.

The only hope the defenceless countries and people have is the hope that the natural law of “what goes up will have to come down”. History has been proving the destructions of the invincibles like Roman Empire and the Hitler’s Nazis.


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