Trump cannot control  Compulsive Perpetual  Mendacity


Trump cannot control  Compulsive Perpetual  Mendacity

Republican donors present at the RNC fundraiser with President Donald Trump confessed that they don’t understand why the president would lie about flubbing Apple CEO Tim Cook’s name.

During a fundraiser where Trump ranted about Democrats hating Jews and made jokes about blackface, the president also announced that he actually said “Tim Cook Apple.” The president explained he said the name really quickly and said “Cook” very quietly, so no one could hear it, Axios reported.

The video shows a different story. Presumably, even if Trump had said “Cook,” his lips would have moved. They did not.

Two donors at the event told Axios they didn’t understand why Trump would lie about something so ridiculous, particularly when it was captured on video.

“Nobody cared, they said, and Tim Cook took it in good humor by changing his Twitter profile to Tim Apple,” Axios reported.

“I just thought, why would you lie about that,” on donors told Axios. “It doesn’t even matter!”

Lincoln Rasalingam


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