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Trump’s Coterie – The Ultimate Spinning Machine

Kellyanne Conway
Rupert Murdoch
Sean Hannity
Sara Huckabee Sanders
Matthew Whitaker
Mendacity Expert Rudi Guiliani
Coverup Expert Bill Barr

Spinning and Propaganda Machines for Trump have been put at full speed for the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States following the Secret Report produced by the Public Prosecutor Robert Mueller after 2 years of investigation into the alleged collusion by the Trump Campaigners with the Putin Regime in Russia.  There are no clues or indications in the report  but it has been interpreted by the Trump Appointed Attorney General William Barr as no collusion and no obstruction of Justice by the Trump Administration. It must be noted that William Barr was the man appointed by the Regan Government to sanitise the Iran-Contra arms sales corruption case  and Barr is the same person appointed by the Bush Administration to hide the truth about the invasion of Iraq.  The nick name for Barr is Coverup General Barr who was the hand pick heavy weight  by Donny Trump who initially picked   a fearsome  looking Defence Attorney Matthew Whitaker who has the features of a castrated Rhinoceros , an ardent supporter of Trump and an ultra right wing Republican but the appointment did not follow the normal procedure therefore he was replaced by the Coverup General Barr who has prepared a letter even before he received the Mueller Report claiming Mueller had concluded there was no collusion nor case for obstruction of justice.  Not just the American but the whole world knows that Trump had attempted many times on a daily basis to obstruct the Mueller Investigation. When started smelling about the investigation he sacked the then FBI Director James Comey. And when his then Attorney General Jeff Sessions excused himself from testifying about Russian involvement he was sacked. And when Robert Mueller was appointed as the Public Prosecutor to take up the investigation Trump started cascading repeated Twitter messages saying there was no collusion and the investigation was a witch hunt. One wonders  why he has to make any comments at all if he was  not involved in the issue.  In fact Trump should have taken the initiatives to encourage an investigation on the contrary he did everything to deride and undermine the investigation, despite assurance by James Comey that the President was not the subject of the investigation. It is probable that Trump did not participate in the activities of the Russian meddling with the American Election but Putin has openly declared he supported Trump against Hillary Clinton, however the  irrefutable fact is that Trump decided to .give tacit consent to  the activities of the Russian.

According many statements and assessments of Authors and Reporters Trump would never allow anything happening in his organisations or in his personal matters without his knowledge. Therefore it is unlikely that the widely reported Trump Tower meeting  took place on June 9, 2016 in New York City between three senior members of the 2016 Trump campaign – Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort – and at least five other people, including Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.  If anyone believes that Trump was not aware of the above meeting you will believe anything. Indeed Trump’s quislings like, William Barr, Sara Huckabee Sanders, Kelly Anne Conway,  Rick Santorum, Rudi Giuliani and  Lindsey Graham would not hesitate to endorse anything Trump says to maintain their status and bank balance. These low form of lives will  not hesitate to say milk is black  crude oil is pure white if it suits them. Are we to take these people credible? Trump has lied over 8000 times during the first year of his administration. Lies come naturally to these mendacity experts.

The plot of the current propaganda is to blacken and cast doubt on any initiatives taken by the Democrats  immediately and in the immediate future. Put into  action are (1) concocted opinion polls favouring  Trump against Democrats. (2)  Repeated assertion of “No collusion, no obstruction of Justice, $25 million of Tax payers money wasted on illegal investigation (3) Out there many Nasty and treacherous people who have done many bad things to America (4) the ‘other side’ should be investigated. All this rhetoric will be vigorously pursued   in all media and Fox News will be used exclusively for this purpose. Every hole in Sean Hannity’s body will be making the rhetoric  hysteria 24/7 until the Congress hear Mueller’s testimony and subpoena William Barr. Meanwhile Trump will find a way to delay the  subpoena of William Barr and the hearing of the testimony of Mueller until the 2020  election.  Extra resources and obstacles will now be in the process  to prevent releasing the content of Mueller’s Report to the Congress and to the Public. One never knows he might even succeed. He has the moronic skill to do that. I thought he would be thrown out of the White House within 6 months of his inauguration.

What I find it difficult to understand is the absence of Robert Mueller. What is stopping him talking to the congress now. Or has he been disposed of by Trunp’s henchmen. An 85 words modicum extracted fragments of sentences from Mueller’s 5000 page report is like a drop of  water collected from the Atlantic Ocean and submit as the only water type  present  on   Planet Earth

Lincoln Rasalingam


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