Cart before the horse BREXIT

The British government had a Referandum in 2016 whether to  Leave from the  European Union or to Remain without any debate in the Parliament. the obtions given for the Voters were OUT or IN without any explantion for the consequences except the Voters were lead to believe that the British National Health Servcie would receive and extra £350 Million  per week from the savings that would be made by withdrawing our membership of the EU. One political leader Mr Nigel Farage declared “BREAKING POINT” with the support of an irrelevant photograph showing war ravaged Syrian refugees fleeing from the carpet bombing of the war scenes. The Remainers predicated disaster for leaving the EU and the Brexiteers predicted the return of Rule Brittania and the Empire.

The referendum should have taken place after a proper debate  as has been happening for the past few weeks on IN  or OUT in the House of Commons in UK. The Democracy did not  tell us to put the cart before  the horse but by virtue of the God’s given common sense   to the human Race  we should be able to make amends when mistakes are identified on hind side.

The solution is to have the REFERANDUM NOW

Let us saddle up the horse properly

Lincoln Rasalingam

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