Trump’s reaction when Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian meddling

Comedian John Oliver

John Oliver paints the perfect picture of the moment Trump said ‘My presidency is over. I’m f*cked’

Late-night host John Oliver unleashed on the unbelievable finds in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report released this week.

Oliver recalled he’d been calling it “Stupid Watergate” because the Trump scandal was like “if Nixon had been kicked in the head by a billy goat and that billy goat was chief of staff.”

“Some of the details in this report were incredible,” Oliver said, noting the president admitted “I’m f*cked” after Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate him.

Oliver went on to give a full take of what that moment looked like in the Oval Office: Ivanka Trump was likely playing fetch with Don Jr. Her husband, Jared Kushner, was probably standing motionless in front of a blank wall. Eric Trump’s tongue was likely stuck to a flag pole. Rince Priebus was likely walking around with his head stuck in a honey jar. Steve Bannon was eating a bowl of used syringes while Stephen Miller was gleefully pulling the legs off of a spider.

And at the exact moment when Trump proclaimed “I’m f*cked” with “tears rolling down his cheeks” a “pigeon flew into the room and sh*t in his mouth.”

The “Last Week Tonight” host also highlighted the unbelievable way in which the Trump campaign and his allies were so incompetent that they were ultimately shielded from criminal liability. One of his favorite moments was that former fixer Michael Cohen still, to this day, believes one of the Russian allies was an Olympic bodybuilder.

Oliver loved that these key Trump aides somehow managed to ignore every demand by the president to fire the special counsel. Corey Lewandowski passed it off to an aide, and that aide ignored it as well. Oliver said that a groundskeeper likely also hand it over to a housekeeper who wrote a note and attached it on a Rumba.

When it came to Attorney General Bill Barr’s lies in his summary, Oliver first called out the claim that a sincere belief motivated Trump.

“Donald Trump has never been motivated by a sincere belief,” Oliver claimed.

“All of this is still very depressing,’ Oliver explained. Meanwhile, the president’s team has been taking “an unearned victory lap.”

He played a clip of Kellyanne Conway calling any allegation against Trump “an insult.” Oliver pointed out that a real insult would be saying that Conway was actually a skin-suit of a dead corpse filled with 300 rats who know how to lie.

Ultimately, Oliver pointed out that so much was found in the Mueller report that implicates the Russians, Trump and “dishonest hack” Bill Barr. Yet, for reasons passing in understanding, the White House thinks they’ve all be exonerated.


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