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Brother James Kay’s description of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not simply an Anti-Christ with triple six on his Orangutan Head, he is also an Anti-Lord Buddha, Anti-Allah, Anti-Shiva  and Anti-Rationality, Anti-Civility, Anti-God and Anti-Honesty.

He thrives on Corruption, Greed, Violating young Women’s Rights & Privacy, Satanic Power,  Lies, Cheat and his ultimate aim is to be the Ruler of the World. To achieve his ambition he associates himself with other Heartless Tyrants  like Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Mohammad Bin Salman, Rupert Mudoch, Kim Jong-un and Nigel Farage

He is reported to be a Cannibal who has a business, among other things, selling  human body parts.  For this purpose he finds it necessary to separate families with children and operates concentration camp from where people mainly children disappear without any trace while Trump’s bank balance baloons, the source of it not known even to the IRS. The Law cannot touch Trump because the Judiciary has been filled with Trump’s cronies like Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr.

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