Quality Assessment of Western Leaders

Primary qualification to become the Political Leader of any country in the West, especially in UK or USA appears to be the contestant must have committed multiple crimes without getting caught. For reasons beyond my comprehension that all the popular candidates have one thing in common; they have committed a series of criminal offenses without being caught. This was the pattern very common amongst all the notorious criminal gangs  to recruit their henchmen only from the proven criminal communities. There is no other sensible evidence that I can cite  for Boris Johnson and Donald Trump being the  favourites  to become the next Leaders in their respective countries. Interestingly they both are worshipers of Vladimir Putin.

There are 16 women claiming that Donald Trump has sexually assaulted them. Trump denies against over whelming evidence. Yet he was elected the President of USA.
Now we have a similar situation in UK. Boris Johnson has been accused of domestic violence, abortion of an illegitimate child conceived by an unidentified lady, repeated lies, unwarranted comments  that made a lady imprisoned in Iran etc.. this man is the favourite to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom despite the Police visit to his apartment last night for reported domestic violence.
Lincoln Rasalingam


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