Trump on the rampage

Trump on the rampage.

Donald Trump had managed to wriggle out of the ratification of Impeachment ( /wiki/Impeachment_of_Donald_Trump) by the Senate however getting out of his predicament is not good enough to cool down his super ego. He has determined to punish each and everyone who had shown even a slight inclination supporting the impeachment. While pursuing  his vendetta he is attacking the Judiciary  that has given guilty verdict to Trump’s supporters. Incidentally there is an unconfirmed report from a reliable source that a Russian Bank has been showing names of almost all US Republican Senators and Republican Congressmen as having opened current accounts with a minimum of 67 Million Roubles each. A few accounts are showing 670 million Roubles and some with 335 million Roubles. Coincidentally approximately 67 Roubles is worth one US dollar. There are 8 names with 670 million Roubles each, 6 with 335 million Roubles each and the rest are all 67 million each. Among the ten 670 million beneficiaries are Addison Mitchell McConnell, Linsey Olin Graham, James David Jordan, Douglas Allen Collins, Devin Gerald Nunes and John Neely Kennedy. There is however one particular account in the name of William Pelham Barr with a credit of 1,500,000,000 rubles. Interesting, very interesting indeed. It is approximately $25 million American money. Another important person who holds an account with this bank is Vladimir Putin whose account balance before the Americans’ accounts were opened was RUB 3,177,247,695,080.00 and the latest balance is RUB 3,146,772,695,080.00

There are no records of any withdrawal however we understand each account holder has been issued with a debit card  and the amount deposited is  the first stage of  the payment of a promised further payments. These accounts holders have been ordered to ‘fall in line’ as failure will render  freezure of the accounts and suspension of the  remaining payments. It seems the nest eggs have been guaranteed to all those who support  Donald Trump  without questions.  Donald Trump has not been known for generosity  but these payments in millions have been allocated  from the boss of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin  who  desperately needs Trump as  the President of  USA. It is patently clear that Putin has an agenda and purpose while Donald Trump has no agenda, plan or initiatives to do anything other than to remain in power indefinitely at any cost. His  concern about the welfare of the American citizens or America is zilch.

No story writers or script writers are required to  make a movie  of  Trump in the God Father style.  All that Quentin Tarantino  or Martin Scorsese needs is a camera crew to make a Political thriller that will break all time box office.

Trump’s reign of terror  can easily be understood from the fact of the number of senior White house Staff  who are no longer with the administration. (

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