United States of Trump (UST)

Putin’s and my money will buy anybody and we have plenty

Unless Donald Trump is put in prison  pretty soon, there will not be  a Unites States of America. He has proved  beyond any reasonable doubt to be a Thug, Crook, Gangster, Fraudster, Racist, serial Rapist  and a heartless Canibal with no conscience whatsoever.  The 40 thieves have never let down their boss Ali Baba and I don’t expect his 53 Senators  who possess  almost identical  qualities of  Donald Trump  would  ever change their spots either.

If his incarcerations is delayed beyond  November 2020 the likely outcome:

  • The Police will be replaced with his supporters and Russians
  • All staff  in the Judiciary will be  replaced with his supporters
  • All political parties other than the Republican will be abolished at States level
  • He will impose emergency
  • Cancel any future Elections
  • Abolish  the Senate and the House
  • Rewrite the Constitution
  • Install  himself  as the Permanent President and probably change the USA  United States of Trump or UST.


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