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One cannot fail to observe the pattern of Trump’s behaviour starting from the day he entered the Presidential Election. Accusing others of wrongdoing has been his main theme. The accusations were all not invented or manufactured or concocted. They were real and truthful except one thing, that all those accusations should have been made against him. He has in fact committed all those crimes but he put them on others. He is the real crook but he conveniently labeled Hillary Clinton as the crook. He accused the Reporters and news as fake and fake news. There are many examples of him manufacturing and distributing fake news. He accused the democrats as colluded with Russia to promote Hilary Clinton’s presidential bid. We all know the story. The Ukraine story, Stormy Daniel story, Karen McDougal story, Obama’s College record story etc. are all in the public domain and the world knows the truth. What the world finds difficult to unearth some of his hidden history; his story of him institutionalized in a mental hospital in 1990 and his Academic records. What he did was that he managed to remove the records or alter them. He has also mastered the art of repeating the lies as loudly as possible. He has been preaching about how important for him to observe Law and Order but in fact he is the single person who gives scant regard to Law and Order. He broke every Law in the book and continues to do just that. After all it is a lot easier now as he has filled the Judiciary with his backside lickers. And his Attorney General Bill Barr…. A man should be serving a life sentence for deceit, fraud and I don’t know how many crimes he must have committed in his criminal life; and he is holding hands on every step of Trump.




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