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Ultra Egoist Captain

Liz Truss – the know all egoistic imbecile

“The ship left Liverpool, heading to   New York Harbour. The ship hasn’t been serviced properly for the past 13 years, especially the last 6 years there were 4 captains, each has failed to pay attention to servicing the ship.  The latest captain was so keen to get to the  NY Harbour as quickly as possible but ignoring all the advice against the  poor state of the ship. She keep repeating that she  has all the tools to handle the maintenance of the ship. There is in fact a  serious leak on the hull of the ship  but she is not in the mood to think about it while sacking all the maintenance people with the  reliance on the new crew who have no experience  at all in the maintenance of the ship.

We all know there are no interim harbours to dock temporarily between Liverpool and NYHarbour.

If she is heading towards the east there are many ports on its way  but there are none after passing Ireland. Cynics and critics of the Captain were predicting she wouldn’t even get to Arklow in county Wicklow. They also predict the  ship  will breakdown before reaching Arklow and the captain will have to be replaced

“I KNOW”  is her slogan. Liz Truss knows the ‘Aspirations’ of all her wealthy friends but she has no clue about the  aspirations of others.  “TRICKLE DOWN” has been the philosophy of all the Right Wing Thugs and Fascists and I am not surprised to see  her staunch stance against Windfall Tax. The more the numbers in the  ‘Fatcat’  community, more the Trickle Down quantity. In fact modern fatcats who have been nurtured since Thatcher era  to expand  to the exploding level do not ever allow any trickling down. Allowing to trickle down is considered a weakness therefore the Liz Truss generation do not know if allowing to trickledowns would yield any benefits to the fatcat community.

Liz Truss believes in  Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection; antelopes were meant as food for big cats. Likewise working class is meant to serve fat cats including with their lives.  According to the Right Wing community, there are alternatives. One thing they forget is that Big Cats did not evolve from Antelopes or visa versa. Antelopes do not eat antelopes nor Big cats do not  eat strong big cats

Liz Truss has a twisted mind that reflects on her twisted mouth which should be seales with strong adhesive if British People are to have a normal future.


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