‘Queen Elizabeth II had close links with Church of Ceylon’



Queen Elizabeth II served as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Head of the Commonwealth and therefore had close links with the Church of Ceylon, the worldwide Anglican Communion and Sri Lanka, the Church of Ceylon said.

“We recall the warm reception she received from the people of the country when she and her husband visited the country in 1954 and 1981.

“Her life of dignity with its sense of duty, her model of quiet faith, regular worship and service to people of all beliefs, is an example to us all,” a statement issued by the Church of Ceylon said.

“We extend our condolences to members of her family and the people of the United Kingdom,” the statement added.

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John David

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உத்திக பிரேமரத்னவின் வாகனம் மீது துப்பாக்கிப் பிரயோகம்: விசாரணை குற்றப்புலனாய்வு திணைக்களத்திடம் ஒப்படைப்பு


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