Second part of Ridiyagama Safari Park opens next month

By Ifham Nizam

The second section of the Ridiyagama Safari Zoological Garden will be opened to the public from the 4th of October, Agriculture, the Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Ministry said.At present only a part of the first Safari Zoological Garden in Hambantota is open to the public. Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera instructed the National Zoological Department yesterday to take steps to open its second section, which consists of 34 acres to the public on October 04.

The National Zoological Department will now open the second part of the Ridiyagama Safari Park in conjunction with the World Animal Day on October 04th.An area of about 500 acres has been allocated for the Ridiyaagama Safari Park and 13 zones have been set up for different types of animals.

At present, about 200 acres is open to the public in which administrative buildings, animal hospital, visitor facilities, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. along with several animal zones have been completed.These animal zones are the African lion zone which is in an area of about 35 acres, the herbivorous animals’ zone which is spread over 80 acres and the Asian elephant zone which is 54 acres and the Bengali tiger zone.

Its second part proposed to be opened next month, consists of three zones. There is a zone for small herbivorous animals like sambur, deer, mouse deer etc., and a zone for children to have fun with pets has also been built in this new section.In addition to that, an animal breeding conservation centre has also been built and that part is not open to visitors.According to the National Zoological Department, opportunities such as feeding animals and taking photos with them have been given priority here.

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