AV Productions marks 30th anniversary, presents the way forward with ‘NextGen Strategy’

AV Productions, a leading event management company in Sri Lanka, recently celebrated 30 years of delivering top-notch, world-class events for various corporates and blue-chip companies across the country. In commemorating this milestone, AV Productions proudly presents its ‘NextGen’ strategy, a tactical and calculated course of action to facilitate more innovative and trailblazing events in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, AV Productions has expanded its operations to include innovative services that will better serve its diverse clientele in the years to come. With over three decades of excellence coupled with the company’s forward-thinking approach, AV Productions is powered by a strong R&D unit, IT studio, creative studio environment, project management unit, branding and outdoor visibility fabrication unit (capable of turning out signages, pylons, display and special structural creations). It also comprises digital printing machines and many more cutting-edge audio/visual technologies to cater to high-end corporate event requirements.

Commenting on the anniversary, Seniya Samarasekera the founder and Managing Director said, “The last three decades have been truly memorable, and it gives me immense joy to celebrate this grand occasion with the diverse, experienced team of professionals at AV Productions. The last three years have been challenging for the entire event management industry, and we would not have gotten through if not for the grit of our staff. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to our stakeholders and suppliers who have made it possible for AV Productions to reach this incredible milestone.”

He further stated, “AV Productions has always focused on delivering the best of services to our clients since its very beginning. We have always tried to go above and beyond, execute stellar events, and give our clients value for their money. Over the decades, we have had many organizations place their confidence and trust in us, many of whom still work with us to date. The support extended to us by our internal staff, suppliers and clients, especially during the pandemic era and economic crisis, has encouraged us to take bolder steps as an industry leader and transform the events space in Sri Lanka to newer heights.”

Backed by a team of passionate, visionary and creative event professionals, AV Production has completed numerous virtual and hybrid events since 2020, overcoming challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the high complexity of executing events of a virtual nature, the company’s perseverance and grit enabled the completion of approximately 50 virtual events of varying magnitudes. With the use of AV Productions’ advanced equipment, technology and integrating strategies, many corporate clients could efficiently conduct staff development programmes, recognition events, product launches, medical conferences and international conferences in the wake of the new normal.

As the company completes its 30th year, it continues to thrive in serving its customers with the best audio-visual and virtual event solutions. Subsequently, AV Productions’ continuous investment in R&D will facilitate Next Generation AV deployments such as virtual, 3D or augmented reality environments – soon to become a reality due to various challenges imposed by the global pandemic and crises of the modern world. Furthermore, as an industry expert, AV Productions has also taken the necessary steps to venture into concepts such as digital events, green screen productions, collaborative meeting spaces and more.

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