Modern Political Corruption



Corrupt and Crooked Leaders

  1. Make lies simple and repeat it- Hitler
  2. Trump to his Press Secretary  Stephanie Grisham “Trump won the election – Repeat it, people will believe it”
  3. Political Opponents should be discredited, charged  with any allegations and put in prison” – Winston Churchill about Ghandi, Putin about Alexi  Navalni, J.R Jeyawardena of Sri Lanka about Prabaharan
  4. All Military Leaders of Myanmar “Never allow any one President to put him or her above us. If they do, find a way to discredit him, strip him of all assets and imprison him for indefinite period”.
  5. Make an Industry of an incident like Hitler’s Holocaust to capitalise the market to gain International sympathy – Benjamin Netanyahu who manufactured the October 7 incidence to advance his ambition of Genocide of the Palestinian Population*

This is what has been happening in modern politics. Democracy is supposed to be the way the Politics should function.  Greek Professors Plato and Socrates had given some definitions and frame work for the structure and guide lines. The underlying principle was that Politics should NEVER BE A PROFESSION.  Contrary to this sacred idea many universities have been offering Politics as the Major for a degree!

  • *  Israeli intelligence has discovered the plot of Hamas to kidnap a few civilians at the Annual Music Festival as the bargain chips to have hundreds of Palestinians languishing in Israel Prison released . Netanyahu has decided to make use of the opportunity to concoct a master plan to renew the International Sympathy Trade. One cannot avoid observing the consistency of repeating the 7th October incidence as the second holocaust.

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