Under-19 World Cup Super Six: 12 teams, two groups, and why there is no India-Pakistan clash

India are among three teams to finish the group stage undefeated (Cricinfo)
The group stage of the 2024 Under-19 World Cup concluded with Australia’s win over Sri Lanka and India’s rout of USA, which means we now move on to the Super Six stage of the competition.
India, Bangladesh and Ireland qualified from Group A, while Group B saw South Africa, England and West Indies progress to the next stage. Australia topped Group C, while Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe also made the cut, while Pakistan, New Zealand and Nepal from Group D complete the lineup. With the Super Six stage starting on Tuesday, here is all you need to know about it.

Hang on, it’s called the Super Six stage, but there are 12 teams out there? Make it make sense!

That’s a simple one. The twelve teams are divided into two groups of six each, and the top two teams from each of these groups will make it to the semi-finals. The three teams each from Group A and Group D in the first round will form one group in the Super Six teams, and the other six teams will make up the other

So what are the big games to watch out for in the Super Six stage?

The first day of the Super Six stage will see India take on New Zealand, Sri Lanka go up against West Indies and Pakistan face Ireland. Australia and England will go up against each other on Wednesday. India’s other game is against Nepal on Friday. Australia-West Indies, South Africa-Sri Lanka and Pakistan-Bangladesh are some other potential blockbuster clashes.

But India and Pakistan are in the same group. Aren’t they going to play each other?

Even though they are in the same Super Six group, the two teams won’t face off at this stage of the World Cup. How it works is, each team plays two games against the two teams who finished in a different position from them in the group stage. So since India and Pakistan both topped their respective groups in the group stage, they won’t face each other.

Do teams get to carry any points forward from the group stage?

Yes, teams will carry forward points and net run rate accrued against the two other teams progressing from their respective groups. So India, Australia and Pakistan, for example, will start the Super Six stage with the maximum of four points apiece, having won all their group games.

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