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Robert Mueller has submitted  his report that took 2 years to complete.

Robert Mueller has submitted his Report to the Attorney General after 2 years of investigation into the Russian interference in  the 2016 US Presidential Election. No details have been released apart from a statement that no more people will be indicted other than those already indicted. No doubt Trump will be swamping his supporters with his tweets to repeat his rhetoric “No collusion” although there is no clue as to what is in the Report. His idea is to act pre-emptively to muddy the minds of the public with his typical  hocus-pocus.

Only yesterday  Yale psychiatrist  warned  Trump may see only one terrifying escape from Mueller mess. He has very poor coping mechanisms when he is criticized or when he feels humiliated,” said Yale psychiatrist Professor  Bandy Lee, “and at these points he generally goes into attack mode and he threatens others or tries to get revenge. The Mueller report is of a scale that is probably unlike what we have seen him undergo before.”

In our opinion Trump will not hesitate to trigger a nuclear war  or  initiating any action to destroy the whole world. This might be one of the reasons that normally ethical Republicans have been putting up with this  sycophantic  Satan. No clue has been mooted   if there was any  suggestion of Impeachment.

Lincoln Rasalingam

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