New Referendum


I  was a Remainer but accepted the result and was prepared go along with the BREXIT like Jeremy Corbyn and many others did, however  what I have not expected was the  incompetency of the those advocated the Brexit not being able to  execute the desired outcome. Therefore I feel it is fair and just to ask the voters to vote again because the voters are now more knowledgeable of the meaning of BREXIT than the knowledge they had in 2016. I know now exactly what BREXIT is.  I am sure there is every possibility of one of  three outcomes:

  1. No change in the result
  2. Mojority to Leave
  3. Majority to Remain

Therefore I appeal to the Tory Government to organise a referendum as a matter of urgency please. It is inevitable that  UK should participate in the Euro election in May  independent of  the referendum result. If the result is to remain then the MEP’s can settle in the job otherwise there is not serious impacts the lives of the MEPs who will have lose their jobs.

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