Paris Notre Dame Story

French President Emmnael Macron

The restoration funds are pouring in from all over the world. The French Public has already pledged  well over $700 million . Architects, sculpturs, Carpenters, Stone masons, Artists  and the many  skilled craftsmen from the world have offered their services . It is anticipated that the restoration will  commence as early as early next week. The fire has  been put out  after 9 hours of ravaging inferno and it is a matter of priority to construct a temporary roof to protect what is left of the Cathedral. This expected to be done by the end of this week.

Amazingly  the  large Cross  cited  against a  window still standing and shining in the sunlight through the window.

Experts are  estimating  it will take about 20 years to complete the restoration, however  the French President  Emmanuel  Macron  has declared he would endeavour to complete  the restoration within 5 years. He claims that the restored  Notre Dame will be even more beautiful that the original one.  It is one of the challenges for the world  renowned  Restorations Architects .

Sympathetic  as well as  offer of help  messages having  flooding  from not just Christians countries but from all religious groups  from many countries including  Russia, India, China, Pakistan and Brazil .l

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