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Impeachment in Sight

I have been writing in this column about Donald Trump’s history, his crimes, deceit etc along with the background of his presidency. As reiterated he has mastered the art of lying from the philosophies of  Adolph Hitler. “make the lies simple, repeat it, eventually people will believe them”. Hitler had many other traits; (1) discredit the media, (2) use the art of whataboutism (3)  Never apologise (4) don’t hesitate to lie if the effect is profitable (5) manufacture disinformation and propagate it. Trump has also identified the power of Money. Bribery has its own power that Trump utilised it to the maximum. He has successfully replaced the senior judges and Law enforcement officers with shameless a-lickers.

Trump had  adopted the above 5 gospels and  used it to the full.  All good things will have to come the end sooner or  later  and to Trump the end appears to be imminent. He employed one of  his lackies  with the longest tongue as Attorney General who had attempted to convince Black was White and Day was Night but failed miserably  to the disappointment of  Trump, Fox News and the Republican Senators. The long awaited Mueller Report was  given to the Attorney General who summarised the 448 page report to 2 page report  to say there were no collusions nor obstruction by  Trump  thus exonerating Trump from all culpabilities.  The full Report was eventually released albeit with heavy redaction but the main crux of the report could not be twisted.  The report has exposed all shenanigans, deceit and lies told by Trump and the Whitehouse staff, completely contrary to what the Attorney General had  reported.

In my subjective view, Donald Trump, his son Trump Jr and son-in-law Jared Kushner, his Communication Advisor Sara Huckerbee Sanders  along with the Attorney General William Barr will be soon facing  criminal charges and without doubt, Trump will be impeached, probably within 3 months.

Canard Specialist Sara Huckebee Sanders
Mueller, Barr and Trump
Transgender crook Jared Kushner, the convenient Son-In-Law of Donald Trump
Trump Jr. the imbecile son of Doanld Trump


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