Coronavirus is not the number one problem

The Problem is Donald Trump as US President

This is the President of USA

Trump knows how to get head line news. He has proved his prowess in the mendacity domain many times. Remember(1)  he said Obama was born in  Kenya (2) he did not pay  the porn star Stormy Daniels  for her silence (3)  he said to Forbes that he was a billionaire while his assets were in the negative to the tune of $650 million  .

This page will not be enough to list all his lies, deceits and  subterfuge  throughout his presidency, let alone throughout his life. His energy currently is devoted to playing politics; every word he utters is a propaganda towards the forthcoming President election in November; he hasn’t got even an iota of concern about the prevailing Coronavirus calamity. Such an evil Demon!

Now he blames the W.H.O.  for letting over 40, 000 Americans to lose their lives and continue to die at the rate in excess of 1000 per day. Not too long ago the idiot had praised China for coping with the Corona virus  but dared to blame WHO  for not telling this man with the brick head  about the true picture of virus in China.

I repeated many times in my column here that until Trump is removed from the White house America  would be on a slippery slope to hit the bottom of the new Fourth World. I stand firm by my assertion that he has been bribing the Republican Senators and Republican House Representatives with money- hard currency supplied from the ‘wells and trees’ belonging to Vladimir Putin who gave credit to the amount of  $25 Billion at the inauguration on the 20th January  2017.

To North America, the immediate problem in not the Corona virus but Donald Trump who should be removed from the Whitehouse immediately to  have any chance of even to begin dealing with the Corona virus.

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