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The Blacks and all non-whites have been subjected to racial discriminations for centuries in all the countries where the English speaking whites have been in the majority. 50 Volumes of documentations would not be enough to catalogue the items of murder, torture, rape, property confiscation, slavery, discrimination and deprivation in every field that sustain the human life. When an atrocity is inflicted by a White man, an institution or corporation on a blackman there would never be any outburst or outrageous reactions from any Whites.
Every time there was an exceptionally brutal crime perpetrated upon a blackman by a White Policeman there has always been phony inquiry, select committee inquiry, Parliamentary debates other condemnations on the TV and newspapers; that was all, there have never been any solutions. Justice has always been denied. Six months or one year later there would be a report exonerating the conduct of the Police. To my 55 year existence in UK I have never heard a single case of any culprit was ever found guilty. Some cases did hit the headlines because there were some influential people in the family of the victim or the attack was so cruel and received some media exposure. The preference of the Judiciary, Police and the Government was to bury case in secrecy. Indeed it is not always possible to bury in secrecy in this day and age. Cases of Damilola Taylor, Mark Duggan in Tottenham, Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes in Tottenham and Roger Sylvestre did come out in the public but never got the publicity or recognition of Police brutality until George Floyd was brutally murdered by a policeman in Minneapolis in the US last week. The full stories of the cases are available in the Internet therefore I am not going to repeat them here.
I just want to highlight  the outrage displayed by some in the case and the reaction by certain group of people. It is quite understandable for the reaction of the World to the cruel murder of the unarmed 45 year old blackman George Floyd. I wasn’t surprised but I was surprised by the amount of time spent on criticizing the understandable reaction by those in authority. What was frighteningly bizarre was the criticism with vigour and ferocity showing outrage by two non white individual in power. They use the words like Thugs, terrorists, criminals etc to describe a group of people who brought down the statue of a Slave Trader in Bristol where Edward Colston was born. Between 1672 and 1689 Colston was reported to have shipped 84,000 black men, woman and children from Africa to the West as slaves. He labeled each black person with the initials of the company RAC (Royal African Company)that he worked for. He made a fortune, some of which used in the City in attempt to wash off his sins. He might be  a hero to the Caucasians but he was a ruthless villain to the Blacks who have always protested the public display of his statue in Bristol. Even the Bristol Council or the Bristol police did not react like the way some black people who might have been the descendants of those slaves shipped by Colston. Of course all the proven Racists in UK have outraged the destruction Colston’s statue.
The Authoritarians who showed their obnoxious nature are Pritti Patel whose ancestors were taken from India to Uganda as slaves by the British and Bim Afolami whose ancestors were shipped out of Nigeria as slaves probably by Colston. Both were vociferous in their reaction with no empathy whatsoever for those suffered in the hands of the Whites for centuries. In my opinion these are the type of people who are responsible for promoting Racism in White Countries. They are like thorns in the sensitive places in the human body causing impediments to any thoughts of abolishing Racism. Another violent reactionary was the Racist Nick Ferrari. This obnoxious podgy body has always undermined any notion of criticism of Racism. If the media want to claim they are not racists the first thing they should do is to search to identify Racists like Nick Ferrari and sack them.

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