Pack of Quisling

Nick Ferrari is an ardent supporter of Cecil Rhode, Edward Colston and Slave Trade. He is a White Supremacist

What has been happening in America, Britain and elsewhere  is a natural reaction to centuries of injustice  to the non-whites in the world by the Caucasian race who have self promoted to be the superior race. The objections by the victims were disregarded as the economy was in the hands of the Whites who enjoyed depriving the livelihood of the non-whites. Slave trade flourished for decades. Capitalism has been thriving as ever to this date.  Periodical  rebellions by the  non-whites were quashed by the whites dominated law enforcers.  By a fluke a non-white became the President of the United States. This was enough to alert the ardent supporters of  the White Supremacy  policies   have consolidated their resources to elect a member of the White Supremacists in the form Donald Trump who appointed another White Supremacists as the Attorney General. They actively promote the excesses of the White dominance every way possible.

All the interviewers are Whites who ask questions about the reasons for removing the statues of Colonial Masters. From the Queen to the Nick Ferrari level people have been admired the achievement of people like Edward Colston, Cecil Rhodes, Sir Thomas Picton, Robert Milligan  and Robert Clive. Their achievement were bringing wealth to Britain from the conquered colonies by  various cruel means. Cruelty to foreigners is still admired by the English Speaking Whites  and some soul selling foreigners like Pritti Patel, Bim Afolami, Ben Carson, Tim Scott and Kwasi Kwateng. There are media who support the evil mentality of these quislings and the Righwing Capitalists views. Examples are Sky News, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Radio Jockeys like Nick Ferrari an Sean Hannitty.

Barack Obama, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned that white supremacist groups and right-wing militias in the country were winning new recruits by stoking fears of gun control and expanded welfare rolls and by exploiting resentment created by the economic recession that began in late 2007. Some observers of the movements, however, were skeptical of those claims.

In early 2016 the presidential campaign of the real-estate developer Donald J. Trump, the eventual Republican nominee, attracted significant support from white supremacists and so-called white nationalists, who largely disavowed racism but celebrated “white” identity and lamented the alleged erosion of white political and economic power and the decline of white culture in the face of nonwhite immigration and multiculturalism. Other Trump admirers included members of the “alt-right” (alternative right) movement, a loose association of relatively young white supremacists, white nationalists, extreme libertarians, and neo-Nazis. Trump had earlier questioned the validity of Obama’s American birth certificate and, during the campaign, attacked immigrants and ethnic minorities, vowing to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, to deport some 11 million persons living in the country illegally, and to ban immigration by Muslims. In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s unexpected election as president in November 2016, reported hate crimes directed at minorities—including Muslims, Hispanics, and Jews—increased significantly. It should however be remembered that Trump did not win the Presidential election by honest means, with the help of Vladimir Putin and his computer hacking experts, the vote counting has been programs have been patched, among other things,  to deliver the desired result despite the fact Trump’s votes were about 4 million less than Clinton’s.

From the very moment Trump entered  the Whitehouse his energy was focused in legitimizing his Presidency. He dismantled all the procedures, protocols, constitutional integrity  and incorruptible personnel.  Filled the Whitehouse with lackys who have been bribed handsomely from Putin supplied funds.

Trump had 5 missions:

  1. Legitimise his Presidency
  2. Ensure non-white never gets elected as President
  3. Try to remove the two terms Presidency rule
  4. When he leaves the Whitehouse, he would the richest man in the World.
  5. Reduce the Non-white populations in America and in the world so that the majority of World Population would always be Caucasians.

He learnt the art of manipulating people from his father and grandfather. He also learnt to be immune to the sense of shame, Lying and blatant denials of his commitments to others. Number one trick has always been bribing.  His philosophy is “everything has a price” and it was concurred and endorsed by Vladimir Putin whose abundant wealth was put at the disposal of Trump on condition in return for being subservient to Putin. In the normal circumstances one might bribe a top person like bribing a Prime Minister, CEO of a Corporation etc.. however in Trump’s case he  knew bribing one person would not be adequate to complete five missions. One descent from a Republican Senator might gather momentum to become a strong opposition to him therefore it was essential to ‘buy’ each and every Republican. After all it is not a secret that all the politicians are ego driven and liable to drift towards the direction of the wind.  Everyone of them wants to be rich and remain permanent in the elected office. These bandits can always be bought at the right price.  Even if every Senator and Congressman is  bribed with $100 million it would hardly make dent in Putin’s resources. It has been reported that the chorus crowd stand behind Trump’s election campaign speeches have been bribed to display placards and yell slogans like “Lock her up”. This is the world we are facing now.

There is no sign from the descendants of the perpetrators of any regret, repentant or remorse for the Slave trade and the cruelty inflicted by them to the black people. Pirates have been rewarded with titles like Lord and Sir. The last Governor any colony was Chris Patten in Hong Kong when he returned he was given the tile of Sir and appointed Chancellor of Oxford University where the statue of  the slave trader Cecil Rhode is prominently displayed. Patten is protesting the removal of Rhodes’s statue. He says the matter should be debated. Debates are always won by  those good at debating regardless of the fact or truth. Majority of the Rightwinders are either Barristers or  Oxbridge qualified  and very skilfull in winning any argument. Browbeating is their trademark.

The popular Radio Station LBC has employed the Rightwing Nick Ferrari to frustrate the policies of the Station. The Rightwing Whites are still yearning to restore the Empire and the colonies and bring back the slavery.  While this status quo remains active the demonstrations by the blacks, non-whites and the leftwingers would hardly make any change.  Rights have been won by violence. Unless a Black Power group or Black Supremacy is formed with adequate financial resources and military resources there will never be equality in the world. Power and violence are the entities that the ruthless English Speaking Whites (ESW) can understand.


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