Navy’s latest acquisition Offshore Patrol Vessel P 627 nears home

The Offshore Patrol Vessel P 627 of the Sri Lanka Navy, which set sail for her homebound journey from Seattle, USA, on 03 September 2022, called at the Port of Manila, in the Philippines, on 12 October 2022. Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of the Philippines, Shobini Gunasekera, was there to welcome the ship.

After having called at Port Apra, in Guam, United States, P 627 arrived in the Philippines for replenishment and services, having covered a passage of approximately1800 nautical miles (3333 km).When the ship arrived at the Port of Manila, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka met the Commanding Officer of P 627, Captain Lanka Dissanayake.

During this long sea voyage, P 627 has thus far sailed about 7700 nautical miles (14260 km) in 41 days in the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, P 627 is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Colombo, in the first week of November 2022, after one more port call, at Changi, in Singapore.

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