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Sasikumar Biography

M. Sasikumar is a Tamil film director, actor and producer. He worked as an assistant director for Director Bala in Sethu and also worked for Director Ameer in his first two films Mounam Pesiyathey & Raam. Moreover, S.R. Kathiir the cinematographer of Subramaniapuram assisted Ramji who worked with Ameer in all his movies as his cinematographer.

He created a new trend in 2008 in the Tamil film industry by destroying all traditional customs of masala films and making a low budget 100% realistic film like Subramaniapuram with an excellent storyline, which became a mega hit. He has been praised for his crystal-clear screenplay and realism.

One of the most promising young directors in Tamil film industry, as an actor in Nadodigal, Sasikumar showed that his acting performance is different from his previous films.

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