Abundant carrot harvest expected in Nuwara Eliya

By Ifham Nizam

The National Livestock Development Board recently predicted a high carrot harvest from Nuwara Eliya farms belonging to the Board.

Carrot prices range between Rs 2,000.00 and Rs 2,500.00 at the whole sale rate. However, officials believe they would come down to less than Rs.500.00 per kilo soon.

The officers of the National Livestock Development Board informed Agriculture and Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera that the carrot, cabbage and radish cultivated in the Bopattalawa and Menikpalama farms in Nuwara Eliya, belonging to the National Livestock Development Board, have grown luxuriantly.

In accordance with the instructions given by the minister to grow vegetables on land belonging to all the institutions coming under the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Livestock Development Board planted 25 acres of carrots and cabbage in Bopattalawa and Menikpalama farms in Nuwara Eliya.

The Livestock Development Board said that crops are currently being harvested and that the two farms are yielding considerable produce.

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