Hypocrisy of the European Union

Brutal attack on an Asian man in Riga January 2024.

A 41 year old Asian Restaurant owner Mr Hilal Moorshinganakat was badly beaten by a drunken Latvian on the 14 th January 2024 but it was only reported on a local website on the3rd February 2024 by a journalist, Arthur Olsevskis in The incidence was attended by the Police but no action has been taken against the perpetrators whose identities were apparently known to the police. The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance with severe injuries to the face including one eye socket needed metal stabilisation.

It was reported that three hours after the initial beatings a friend of the perpetrator had visited the
restaurant and used expletive Latvian Language to abuse the staff and intimidated with further physical

Hate crimes in Latvia has been escalating year to year from a single digits events to 37 in 2022 but the
authorities have been apathetical in dealing with them despite preaching peach and tolerance by NGO’s
like Latvian Human Rights Centre.

The recent video update of this particular event confirmed the perpetrator has been identified by police, but no further action taken. Make no mistake: there were no perpetrators of racial hatred crime in Latvia ever been prosecuted nor fined nor any actions taken against them. The soviet tradition as the
evergreen Russian proverb: if one is beating another, means loves deeply ( bjot, znachit ljubit), lives on
in Latvia, the member of the Peace preaching EU.

Watch Video Here

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