Sophomoric Delinquency

Trumps strides along with his uncompromising sophomoric  delinquency.

The only solution to all the current problems in USA is to lock him up along with Pence and Sara Huckerbee Sanders and at the same time Kellyanne Conway and Sean Hannity should be put  under house arrest until the   US government recommence its normal business  as a Government. I do, however, have some problems with Stephen Miller. I have been thinking about what to do with him without putting him down. He is undoubtedly an evil person who gets sadistic pleasure out of causing misery to millions. Perhaps the readers might come up with some solutions. Once the Govenment re-commenced its business  first thing the Law makers must do is to look at the Constitutions with the particular objective to curtail the  excessive powers given to any elected presidents who should possess  a minimum quality to be a president.  Particularly, the prospective candidate should not be accused of Rape, Murder, Swindling another citizen or accused of any crimes of criminal nature.

Presidents may be given supreme Power to  exercise  in exceptional circumstances but not at his or her on a whim. President should not be exempt from criminal charges. The Judiciary must be independent of President’s control and non partisan. Appointment of judges must be approved by both Republican and Democrats house of Representatives  A President and the members of his family must never have any share-holding or Directorship of any businesses.

If these policies are adopted by Governments the World will be better place for human race to live, not just to exist

Lincoln Rasalingam

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