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Brexit Impasse

Defiant British Prime MinisterTheresa May

Theresa May  alone had constructed a Plan and Terms to leave the European Union but the UK Parliament has rejected it 3 times by 400 to 160 votes. The other parties and individual members  came up with 12 proposals and all of them were rejected by the Parliament, albeit  not  as high as the May’s rejection, yet Mrs May wants to present her proposal the 4th time. She simply would not accommodate  any one else’s suggestions or proposals.  Her way or no way policy.  When she took over the  Premiership from David Cameron with a working majority there was no need to call for an election. Against all signs and opposition she   went for the election in 2017 and lost her  Parliamentary majority . She had to go with the tiny Irish Party to  form a coalition Government. Her contribution to the Irish Party was almost £1 billion to each of the 10 members.  It was a tail wagging the dog situation. She asked the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) of Ireland to support her Brexit proposal but she didn’t get it. Now, although  she lost all her credibility not just with the oppositions but with her own party, her hubristic tone and  bleating has not stopped. The leadership seeking party members are  licking their lips with glee and  prowling  behind the scene like a pack of hyenas

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