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Hypocrisy of the Western Right-wing Press

660 seat Boeing 747 used by Trump is using 5 gallons to travel one mile
12 Seater Cessna borrowed by HRH Prince Harry uses 5 gallons to travel 78 miles



Hypocrisy of  the Western Right Wing Press.

The British Right Wing press is starved of proper news; the starvation is self-inflicted as they always look for something bad to report amongst the  majority working population. If they find a flicker of possible bad news to report amongst the population that includes a non-white person their  antenna wakes up like the nose hairs after a sneeze.

The CO2 that they generate  not just from their hot air but also from the volume of garbage they write  and the amount they spend on luxury globe-trotting in their private planes and  giant planes like Airforce One is far too higher than a tiny plane used by HRH Prince  Harry and his tiny son Archie and  HRH Duchess of Sussex. Yet the colour complexion of  the Duchess is enough  to the rotten Rightwing Press to stir up discord to normal news readers. Mere presence of Harry and Meghan is enough to create contentment and harmony  amongst all those lucky enough to be visited  or seen them  nearby; such goodwill gestures are not good enough to be tolerated by the vitriolic Rightwing Press that generate phlegm right up to the keyboard  from the base of their bellies.

All that the young couple did was that they visited one of their friend’s holiday home  in Nice  by a private place. No public money involved; no royal engagement cancelled; no military service neglected yet the Press had reasons to attack the couple for using some of their aircraft fuel for the travel. One wonders if the Cessna 12-seater  discharged more CO2 than the 660–seater Boeing 747 Airforce one used by Donny Trumpf of the USA when he paid his frivolous visit to UK.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 747 fuel consumption is 5 gallons per mile while the fuel consumption of the plane used by Harry and Meghan is 5 gallons per 78 miles. One doesn’t have to be mathematician to calculate who pumps put more CO2.  The British Rightwing press would not write about it nor address the issue.

Hypocrisy  had always played a part in the history of human race  but not to the extent practiced by the Rightwing people in the West.

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