Prominent Politicians on Putin’s Payroll

The idea of recruiting an agent to work for Putin in USA was muted as soon as Putin became the President of Russian in June 1991. He dabbled with various characters and settled for someone greedy of Money and Power, corruptible and a uncontrollable urge to fondle and sleep with pretty women. He found the ideal person in Donald J Trump in late 90’s. Unknown to Putin was Trump was dreaming of constructing a Trump Tower in Moscow and of course dreaming to get friends with Putin. An mutual understanding merged when in 2013 Trump staged the Miss Universe competition in Moscow. Putin started playing poker with Trump whose expectation was permission to build the Tower and Putin expectation was spy working for him in US. Everything worked out very well for both of them when Trump entered the Presidential Election campaign. Putin had never let the donkey to eat the carrot that was so close to the mouth but could never touched the tongue of Trump, who prodded forward in the hope of the Trump Tower.

Right from the day Trump entered the White House he has been working to help Vladimir Putin’s resolves to become the Leader of the Super Powers.  Anyone opposing such tenets has been subdued by various devious means.  Trump has displayed unconditional supports to all the World’s brutal regimes and working very hard to promote his vision to predominantly White countries. His support to Boris Johnson in UK is a typical example without realising that Boris Johnson has been  on Putin’s payroll considerably longer than Trumps  engagement. Not just Boris Johnson but also his father and siblings have been on the take. While he was the Mayor of London almost 1000 Russian oligarchs have bought properties in the prestigious areas  of central London which has been made the money laundering capital for the Drug Dealers and Arms smugglers.

Trump and Boris Johns are jointly bringing down UK and USA the reputation  equivalent to Columbia Afghanistan.

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