PHIs collect food samples from eateries in Sri Pada area to get to bottom of suspected food poisoning

By Rthindra Kuruwita

Public Health Inspectors (PHI) yesterday collected samples of food, from eateries catering to pilgrims visiting Sri Pada.PHIs from Nallatanniya and Erathna started collecting food samples that included dairy products kept for sale.

Samples were collected from eateries from Nallatanniya to Gangulatenna.These samples will be sent to the office of the Ratnapura District Medical Officer of Health, and thereafter to the Medical Research Institute (MRI), Borella.

KAP Boralessa, Ratnapura District Administrative PHI, said samples of food and water will also be collected from Raja Mawatha, Sri Pada, and they will be sent to the MRI.

“Then we can decide on the next move,” he said.

The Health Promotions Bureau (HPB) said that they are taking steps to verify the reason for the cause of a spate of sickness, among those who visited Sri Pada, is Listeria.At least two victims died, and about dozen others were hospitalized, from suspected food poisoning, on Wednesday and Thursday.

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