China’s Northern city of Mohe reports coldest temperature

Mohe is China’s northernmost city and is nicknamed ‘China’s North Pole’ (picture BBC)

BBC reported that China’s northernmost city, Mohe, has recorded its lowest temperature since records began.

Mohe – known as “China’s North Pole” – is in the province of Heilongjiang, close to the Russian border.

On Sunday, its local meteorological station recorded a record-low temperature of -53C (-63F) at 7am. The previous coldest temperature on record in the city was -52.3C, in 1969.

However, the temperature is still shy of China’s national record.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in China is -58C, in the city of Genhe, Inner Mongolia in December 2009.

By contrast, the lowest temperature recorded in the UK is -27.2C, set in different parts of Scotland  in 1895, 1982 and 1995.



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