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Comparing Hitler’s and Netanyahu’s Rhetoric : A Provocative Reflection on Power and Ideology..!

Hitler said, I quote “I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Almighty Creator. By fighting the Jews. I am doing the Lord’s work”.

Hey Presto, is it not the exact declaration of Benjamin Netanyahu with the substitution of Jews with Arabs?

Further philosophies of Hitler that Benjamin Netanyahu worships and follows:

“Cruelty impresses, people want to be afraid of something. They want someone to whom they can submit with shudder, the masses need that . They need something to dread”

“To attain our aim we should stop at nothing even if we must join forces with the devil.” Of course Netanyahu has the advantage over Hitler as Hitler had to rely only on the invisible devil while Netanyahu benefits from the omni present UK an USA! No devil can match the evilness of these two Demons for creating divisions,
discourse, disruption and aggression.

My take from what drove Hitler to wipe out the Jews from the planet was justifiable in light of what we witness the conduct of the Jews in Palestine from 7 th October 2023. The drama on the 7 th October was scripted, directed and staged were the work of Benjamin Netanyahu who brewed the project from a single plot that was presented to him by the Secret Service Arm of Mossad who discovered the Hamas plan of hijacking some Israelis to bargain the release of innocent Palestinian held as prisoners in the Israeli prisons. From very reliable sources the truth was that Hamas was given strict instruction that no one should be killed.

Knowing this plot well in advance Mossad has dressed up 70 soldiers in Hamas uniform and hiding until Hamas did their deed to kill the Israelis and attributed the blame on Hamas. There were no inquiries, no questions about the identity of the Kidnappers who allegedly escaped by motor bikes! There were no
independent reports, no on one in the Israeli Security Service was blamed for the security failure. It is amazing that the strongest homelands security force in the world with iron dome and fool proof immigration system has been broken by a group of bow and arrow terrorist group has been allowed to carry out an
audacious deed and got away with it.

All the news were distributed by the the IDF! The news of the incident was repeatedly orchestrated by the Western Media. The first phase of the biggest project of grabbing the Gaza strip was completed very successfully. In the eyes of the World, the brutal second phase was justified to give some hope of political survival of the incumbent Netanyahu who yearns for the return of the insane ultra-egoist Donald Trump to the Whitehouse.

While mopping up process is progressing in Gaza, he ordered the bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Syria killing 7 Iranian Civil Servants and destroying the Embassy complex completely. This unprovoked aggression tantamount to coercing Iran to react thus leading to US to involve militarily.

American Staffordshire Terrier is a dangerous dog that is banned in many parts of the world, likewise Israel is not a nation that should be allowed to operate as a nation in the modern world. In the 18 th century Alexander III of Russia hasexpelled the Jews. Belarus, Litjusania, East Poland and Ukraine followed suit to banish the Jews from their civil societies. One wonders why? What is the unique quality of the Jews that make them the dregs of genome of the humanbeings? To start with there was never a nation called Israel until a Btitish Politician gave away a colonised part of Palestine to settle his gambling debts to an Ashkenazi Jew, Lionel Walter Rothchild or Lord Rothchild, a banker whose family was chased away from Russia only to be settled in the Demon land of England.

The definition of a Country is Agreement signed at Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 26, 1933 (and entering into force the following year), that established the standard definition of a state under international law.

Adopted by the Seventh International Conference of American States, the convention stipulated that all states were equal sovereign units consisting of a permanent population, defined territorial boundaries, a government, and an ability to enter into agreements with other states. Among the convention’s provisions were that signatories would not intervene in the domestic or foreign affairs of another state, that they would not recognize territorial gains made by force, and that all disputes should be settled peacefully.

The agreement was signed by the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Bolivia was the only country attending the conference that refused to sign the
agreement It is clearly evident that Israel doesn’t conform to the requirement to be classified as a Country, on the contrary the illegally occupied Zionist Thugs in Palestine violates every forbidden action in the Montevideo Agreement.

One thing is certain that as long as the two Demon Nations, UK & USA maintain the military superiority there will never be any equality between the real humans and the White skinned community. The solution therefore is the formation of a superior military for the Real Humans, probably a consolidation of real human resources from China, India, Nigeria and Pakistan.

These four countries do not have any notion of colonialism nor stealing properties from another like the English, Spanish, Portugese or the French. Even a single country among the four possesses the superior military it will never deprive another country of its assets like the Master Demon Britain.

The Englishman Lord Arthur Balfour opened the door for the Zionist in Palestine in 1917 and today another English Lord David Cameron announced that “we should all form alliance with the Israelis to fight the aggression of Iran! While he was talking the Israeli thugs were forcing 8000 Palestinians in the Westbank and illegally occupied 64,000 sq mtrs of Palestinian land!

Zionists are like cancer in living organs as rightly identified by Alexander III, Adolf Hitler and me. Just look at the map of Palestine that changed from 1946 to 1967.

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