Power Minister suggests solar panels as a solution to rising power bills of temples

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera told Parliament yesterday that religious places of worship should install solar panels.

He said two units of 10 megawatt floating solar power plants would be set up to provide electricity for low-income families and religious places.

The Minister said that religious places with high electricity bills should adopt renewable energy systems.

He added that it was also important to manage the increasing electricity prices. Several parties have objected to the increase in electricity tariffs. The Buddhist monks have asked for relief as the electricity bill of the temples has increased immensely. A public petition was also signed over that on Monday, the minister said, adding that the religious places with a large monthly electricity bill should install solar panels and adopt renewable energy methods.

The minister said that the officials were instructed to look into a credit line from India and China to bring solar panels to Sri Lanka. (SI)

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