SL earns USD 883 from rubber exports

Sri Lanka has earned Rs. 327 billion (883 million U.S. dollars) in 2022 by exporting rubber products, the Rubber Development Department, announced on Saturday. Director General of the Department, Madawa Kulasuriya, told the media that there had been a slight drop, compared to the 2021 revenue, which was one billion dollars.However, the country intended to increase the revenue from rubber products to USD 3 billion by 2025, he said. Major markets, for finished rubber products, were the United States, Germany and Japan, while Pakistan, Germany and Japan are the major markets for natural rubber from Sri Lanka, he said.

Sri Lanka is one of the leading natural rubber exporters in the world and, in 2021, around 70 percent of income from rubber exports came as tyres, according to official data.



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