Political interference prevents police from eradicating drug menance -JVP

JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake, on Saturday, said that many crimes remained unsolved not due to the failure of the police but due to political interference.Addressing a rally, in support of the JVP-led NPP at Maligawatte, Dissanayake said that Sri Lanka had a Police Department that could solve any crime if it was given a free hand. “Yet, the killings of Lasantha Wickrametunga,

Wasim Thajudeen, Rohana Kumara and assaulting of Keith Noyahr remain unsolved crimes. This is not because the police have failed. It is because the rulers at the time of these crimes were behind them,” Dissanayake said.

The JVP leaders said that the police could curtail the drug menace if they were given free rein. “Ours is an island nation. Synthetic drugs, such as heroin and ICE, cannot be produced here. They are smuggled in. If the police, and other agencies, fighting against narcotics, are free from the influence of drug dealing politicos, they can solve the crimes. We have a Navy that fought successfully against the LTTE sea tigers. The Navy is capable of stopping drug smuggling into the country through sea routes. It is the politicians of the government who was the drug barons. As long as these politicos ruled the country it would never be able to get rid of the narcotic problem,” the JVP leader said.

He said that successive governments, since independence, had come to power, promising to probe the wrongdoings of the previous governments and to institute legal actions against them. “No such thing has ever happened. The two main parties have ruled the country in turns and they always protected each other. People can put an end to this if they vote wisely,” Dissanayake said, adding that only the JVP-led NPP could take action against those who ruined the country’s economy.



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