Clueless politicos destabilized the country, says Eran

SJB MP Eran Wickramaratne Friday said politicians who did not have any experience in statecraft destabilized the country.Addressing a press conference on Friday, he said Sri Lanka has sent a message to the world by agreeing to an IMF program.

“It indicates that we are running the country with some financial discipline. Then we will be able to access funding from other countries and financial organizations. However, we want the government to present the IMF agreement to the people. There must be some transparency. It was this lack of transparency that brought Sri Lanka to this mess,” he said.

Wickramaratne said when signing an agreement with the IMF, the government has to increase taxes to boost state revenue.

“We are not opposed to this in principle. When we took over in 2015, state revenue was 10 percent of GDP. By 2019, it was 13 percent. However, the government must tell us why it is doing what it is doing. The biggest reason we see a lot of opposition to the taxes is because of the opaqueness,” he said.

The MP said that while the tax threshold is not that different from 2019, the situation in the country has totally changed.

“The food inflation is 100 percent. Inflation itself is over 50 percent. A person can only buy half what he did in 2019 with today’s money. Given the drop in purchasing power, 100,000 rupees a month isn’t great,” he said. “It isn’t enough to sustain a family now.”



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